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Conditii de participare

Section 1: Contest Organizer

(01.02.2022 – 30.04.2022)

The organizer of the campaign "EINHELL PAYS YOUR ENERGY BILL!" (hereinafter referred to as "Contest") is EINHELL ROMANIA S.R.L. with headquarters in Dragomiresti Deal Village, Dragomiresti Vale Commune, Aleea Maria - Laura, no. 5, Dragomiresti Industrial Park, Hall B1, Ilfov County, tel / fax 021.318.55.44 / 021.404.33.35, registered at the Trade Register Office under no. J23 / 611/2008, fiscal code RO 15901944, legally represented by General Manager Cornel Tutuianu as Administrator.

Section 2: Object

  1. The purpose of the Campaign is to promote the products of EINHELL Romania SRL.
  2. The contest will take place according to the present Regulations, the provisions of which are mandatory for all participants.
  3. By participating in the Campaign, the participant confirms that he has taken note of the provisions of this regulation and agrees with them.
  4. The participants undertake to comply with the provisions, terms and conditions established by this regulation.

Section 3: Place and duration of the Contest

  1. Online raffle contest "EINHELL PAYS YOUR ENERGY BILL!" will take place from 01.02.2022, at 00:00 until 30.04.2022, at 23:59, the period in which registrations can be made for participation.
  2. The promotion campaign and the drawing of the winners will take place exclusively online.
  3. After the end of the Campaign, respectively 30.04.2022, at 23:59, the Organizer no longer has any responsibility and no longer assumes any obligation in connection with any circumstance that could possibly lead to the conclusion of the actuality or continuation of the Campaign.

Section 4: Contest Rules

  1. The contest rules are available to any applicant, free of charge, for the entire duration of the Campaign, in electronic format, on the Contest page at
  2. According to the free decision of the Organizer, the Campaign can be publicized for the purpose of informing the public, including through advertising materials and / or for information purposes. The information that such materials may contain will be interpreted in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to modify or change the regulations, with the obligation to notify the public, in the same manner in which the initial information was made, respectively by publishing on the website
  4. The participants have the obligation to go through the changes, as long as they are displayed on the mentioned website. The organizer will not make any other information requests other than the display on the mentioned page.

Section 5: Rights and conditions of participation

  1. This contest is open to all individuals with a minimum age of 16 years of age and residing in Romania and legal entities with headquarters in Romania.
  2. The following categories of persons cannot participate in the Contest: the organizer's employees or their relatives in a direct line up to the 4th degree; the employees of any collaborating companies of the organizer involved in carrying out any activities related to the organization and development of the Contest or their relatives in a direct line up to the 4th degree;
  3. The participant must purchase during the campaign any Einhell products in a minimum value of 350 RON on the same invoice and must register the purchase on the website, on the occasion of registration at the contest.
  4. The right to participate belongs exclusively to the participant who meets the conditions imposed by the Regulation.
  5. By participating in the contest, the participants declare that they have understood and accepted that the Organizer has the legal obligation to make public the names of the winners and the prizes awarded. Thus, the names and surnames of the nominated winners and the prizes awarded will be published on the contest website
  6. The right to participate in the contest is lost if a person provides false, erroneous or inadequate data or information in completing personal data, and if the winner provided such data he will be disqualified and a new award will be organized. .
  7. The Organizer does not assume responsibility for any false information provided by the Participants, nor for the processing of the information thus provided.

Section 6: Competition mechanism

  1. Users will be notified of the contest on the dedicated web page "EINHELL PAYS YOUR ENERGY BILL!" on the page
  2. Participants can enter the contest starting with 01.02.2022 at 00:00 and until 30.04.2022, at 23:59, after purchasing, during the Campaign period, any Einhell products with a minimum value of 350 RON per the same invoice, by filling in the form and entering the invoice / fiscal receipt related to the acquisition.
  3. In the registration form, the participant must enter the following identification data: name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, serial number and receipt number or invoice for the purchase of Einhell products and follow the instructions for completing the registration.
  4. Legal entities can enter the contest by registering the name of the company and its unique registration code (CUI) in the fields "First name" and "Last name" in the registration form.
  5. OAnyone can participate more than once, but on condition that they enter in the contest different vouchers / purchase invoices, at each registration, of Einhell products, corresponding to purchases made during the contest, according to point 6.
  6. The contest will have a monthly draw, every 15th day of the following month, for all the purchase invoices from the previous month, during which 10 winners will be designated for each month. The draw program will be:
    • March 15 for all purchase invoices from February, registered in the competition until March 14 inclusive;
    • April 15 for all purchase invoices from March, registered in the competition until April 14 inclusive;
    • May 16 for all purchase invoices from April, registered in the competition until May 15 inclusive;;

Section 7: Contest Prizes

  1. Following the draws, only one energy bill will be paid (electricity or gas - at choice) each month, for each of the 10 winners, in a maximum amount of 600 RON::
    • if the value of the invoice is less than RON 600, then Einhell will pay the full amount of the invoice; 

    • if the value of the invoice is higher than 600 RON, then Einhell will pay 600 RON, the difference will be borne by the participant. 

  2. Payment of the prize will be made to the participant's account and not to the energy supplier.

  3. The energy bill must be related to the domicile, residence or registered office / secondary office of the natural or legal person who made the purchase according to the purchase invoices and entered the competition.

Section 8: Designation of winners

  1. In order to carry out the drawing of the winners in a transparent and impartial way, we will use the independent service, operated by S.C. Konk Media SRL.
  2. The winners will be drawn by public lottery, through the platform.
  3. The names of the winners will be displayed publicly by immediately after the draws.
  4. All participants in the contest must meet the conditions of the present Contest Regulations.
  5. After the draw, the winners will be announced in a maximum of 48 hours by phone or email address. Einhell Romania does not assume responsibility for the correctness of the telephone number or email address.
  6. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours to the Einhell Romania call, the winner will be disqualified.
  7. The following personal data will be temporarily uploaded to this platform: email, last name, first name, phone number.
  8. The data will be used by the software installed on the servers of, exclusively for the random extraction of the winners and for the possibility of querying the database by the participants, to confirm the registration in the contest. At 3 months * from the extraction, the data will be permanently deleted from the servers of

Section 9: Notification and delivery of prizes

  1. The winners of the contest and the prizes awarded will be published on the Facebook page of Einhell Romania after the confirmation of all the winners. Subsequently, the winners will be contacted through the contact details provided by the participant (phone, e-mail) and will be informed of the ways in which they will be able to take possession of the prize.
  2. The winner will receive the prize no later than 5 working days from the communication of the delivery address, as follows: the winner will provide a contact telephone number, bank account and name of the bank to which it is open, or all information necessary to use a service. money transfer to which he has access, or a postal address to which the prize can be sent by postal order or other similar service, in order to send the prize.
  3. If necessary, the Organizer undertakes to withhold and transfer the tax due for the income consisting of the prizes awarded to the winners with Romanian citizenship in accordance with the provisions of art. 110 paragraph (3) of the Fiscal Code, with the subsequent amendments and completions, any other obligations of any other nature, in connection with them, being the exclusive task of the winners.
  4. In the case of winners of other citizenship, but residing in Romania, the obligation to transfer the tax to the competent authority rests with the Organizer, in case of the existence of a double taxation agreement between Romania and the winner's state of origin, the Winner being obliged to gives the contest to provide all the necessary documents requested by the Organizer, its refusal for this purpose giving the Organizer the right to refuse to award the prize.

Section 10: Termination of the Contest

This Contest will cease by right on 30.04.2022, at 00:00.

Section 11: Protection of personal data

  1. The processing of personal data is carried out in order to give the possibility to respond to the invitation to participate in the campaign and to be designated the winner and subsequently for the acceptance and possession of the prize. The processing of personal data will be carried out legally, in compliance with the processing principles provided by specific legislation, in order to participate in this campaign, validate the winners and award prizes and to meet the legal obligations of the Organizer related to awarding prizes. and the financial-accounting records related to the awarding of the prizes. The data of the winners will be stored for the period imposed by law for keeping the accounting supporting documents in compliance with confidentiality and the law on archiving, in order to prove to the Romanian tax authorities the fulfillment of legal obligations.
  2. The Organizer undertakes that personal data will not be disclosed to third parties except for its proxies / agents and contractual partners involved in the conduct of the Campaign and except as provided in the following paragraph.
  3. By registering for this Campaign, the participants agree with the provisions of these Regulations and declare that they have understood and accepted that, if they win, their first and last names and prizes will be made public in accordance with the legal obligations of the Organizer.
  4. The Organizer undertakes to comply with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, of the Participants, stored during the Campaign and thereafter. The organizer undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of the Contest Participants and to use them according to the legislation in force.
  5. Participants in the contest are guaranteed the rights provided by Regulation (EU) 2016/679, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data as follows:
    • The right of access to data according to which any data subject has the right to obtain from the operator a confirmation that personal data concerning him are processed or not and in this case affirmative, access to the respective data; 
    • The right to request the operator to rectify or delete personal data or to restrict the processing of personal data relating to the data subject or the right to oppose the processing under the conditions provided by the applicable legal provisions;
    • The right to file a complaint outside a supervisory authority (National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing,)
    • Without affecting your right to contact the supervisory authority at any time, please contact us in advance at the email address and we promise that we will make every effort to take the complaint seriously and resolve it. notified issues. You also have the right to go to court.
    • The right to withdraw your consent at any time regarding the processing of personal data when the processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of consent. Withdrawal of consent does not affect previous processing.
    • The right to intervene on the data according to which any data subject has the right to obtain, upon request and free of charge: a) as the case may be, the rectification, updating, blocking or deletion of data whose processing is not in accordance with law, especially incomplete data or inaccurate; b) as the case may be, the transformation into anonymous data of the data whose processing is not in accordance with the law; c) the notification to third parties to whom the data were disclosed, of any operation performed according to letter. a) or b), if such notification does not prove impossible or does not involve a disproportionate effort towards the legitimate interest that could be harmed.
    • The data may be disclosed exclusively to recipients who are suppliers of the Organizer, such as the courier delivering the prize, auditors, etc.
  6. At the express request of any of the Participants, the Organizer will ensure the exercise of any of the rights provided in this article. In order to exercise these rights, the participants registered in the contest will send to EINHELL ROMANIA S.R.L. on the address from Dragomiresti Deal Village, Dragomiresti Vale Commune, Aleea Maria - Laura, no. 5, Dragomiresti Industrial Park, Hall B1, Ilfov County, tel / fax 021.318.55.44 / 021.404.33.35, a written request, dated and signed. If the deletion of data during the campaign period will be requested, the Organizer will analyze whether it can grant the request in full or in part, taking into account its legal obligations regarding data retention.
  7. The Organizer may refuse to delete the data of the participants insofar as there are other legal provisions that require their maintenance in order for the Organizer to fulfill some legal obligations.

Section 12: Limitation of Liability

  1. The organizer does not assume responsibility for errors in identification data, etc. provided by the winners; the accuracy of the contact data does not attract the responsibility of the organizer, being in the exclusive responsibility of the participants. As such, it has no obligation in case of providing the participants with erroneous data that led to the impossibility of sending the prize under normal conditions, to the impossibility of identifying a winner, etc.
  2. The organizer will not be responsible for the impossibility of a winner to get the desired prize.
  3. The organizer will not be responsible for delays in the delivery / delivery of prizes caused by delays in the provision of services by its suppliers, courier services, etc.
  4. Complaints regarding the prize won, subsequent to the moment of signing the report of delivery-receipt / proof of receipt of the prize according to a document signed to the courier / mail company, will not be considered by the Organizer.
  5. The organizer does not assume responsibility for any disruption in the operation of telecommunications connections, servers, interfaces, web browsers and similar others.
  6. The Organizer's decisions regarding the promotional campaign are final and applicable to all Participants.

The prizes not awarded will remain in the possession of the Organizer who may dispose of them freely in the manner he deems necessary or appropriate to his interests.


For questions related to the Regulations, how to participate, prize collection please contact us by phone: 021 318 55 44 or by email at


This regulation was authenticated, today, 31.01.2022, in a single original copy that will be kept in the archives of the notarial professional society and three duplicates, two of which were handed over to the party.




Cornel Tutuianu