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The dream of the camper van – exploring the world in your own four moving walls and enjoying limitless freedom. But finding the perfect van is not always easy and often needs to be properly screwed, sawn and rebuilt. In our Einhell Goes Outdoor camper special, you can find out how to build your dream camper, what you need to keep in mind and what tips & tricks you can use to be best prepared for this kind of a project as a vanlife beginner. Experienced DIY vanlife experts will show you step by step how to make your dream of freedom on four wheels come true. And have fun making it!

"Home is where you park it."
Foster Huntington

Our vanlife & DIY experts

Alina & Timo

Sabrina & Igor

Selina & Frank

Alina & Timo

Vanlife | Van Build | Travel

Hi, we're Alina and Timo from Sprintour. Many years ago, vanlife fever caught us. After remodelling a Caddy ourselves, a Sprinter followed, which we used to travel around Europe for a year. The van conversion captivated us so much that we wanted to do more of it! So we founded a company and are now converting vans into motorhomes full-time. Our passion has become our profession. And you can be a part of it, too!

Instagram: @sprintour | Website: www.sprintour.de

Their projects

Sabrina & Igor

Vanlife | Hiking | Dogs | Life

Hi, we're Brina, Igor and Gerda from Explore the Outdoors. In summer 2018, we converted our first van, a Mercedes Benz Vito, and took many fantastic trips with it. Our three-week trip through the Scottish Highlands was a particular favourite. In June 2020, we then switched to a bigger model for a number of reasons and got a Sprinter. Due to the standing height, it not only offers us a little more "luxury", but also, most importantly, enough space for our dog Gerda. We are almost done with the conversion and can't wait to finally travel again.

Instagram: Brina.Explores & Igor.Explores | Youtube: brina.explores

Their projects

Selina & Frank

Vanlife | DIY | Family

We are Selina, Frank and Fiete and have been passionately on the road, travelling the world in our van for many years. Our love for independent, easy travel with an extended bus began in Australia and New Zealand. It quickly became clear that we needed our own bus, which we can design according to our ideas and needs. After a good four years of conversion, adaptation and improvement work, we had created the perfect camper for us with our VW T4, called Rudi. Then our son Fiete came along and our needs changed! For almost a year now, we have been expanding our wonderfully large Mercedes Sprinter – christened Bruno – and creating our new dream home on four wheels.

Instagram: @pinepins | Youtube: pinepins

Their projects

DIY van projects


The ultimate guide for vanlife newbies

Everything you need to know about camper conversion & vanlife

Does vanlife appeal to you and you're toying with the idea of converting yourself a camper?

In this guide, we help you with basic decisions so that you can make your dream of owning a camper come true.

"A camper should have everything you need to travel on a bus, such as a bed, kitchen and wardrobes. You're essentially building yourself a little home on wheels. This is very challenging and exciting at the same time."
DIY Van Expert from Sprintour

Project: Building your own camper bed

Load-bearing, space-saving and versatile

Think good, restful sleep is only possible in your own bed at home? Not with this bed! For all those who used this excuse to get away from camping – you have to come up with something else. The bed is not only super comfortable with the matching mattress, it is also a real space-saving miracle. If you need space, it can simply be pushed together. A real master construction, which you can also build with our instructions. Download and print the instructions or take them to the workshop or garage on your phone or tablet. And have fun building it!

Camper Bed Instructions

Project: Roof terrace on the camper

A little piece of luxury and pure freedom

Travelling in your own camper van is pure freedom! But the space is often limited – after all, a lot has to go into the home on four wheels. That's why Frank and Selina want to make the most of all the possibilities of their van. With a sun terrace for their van, Bruno, our vanlife experts are literally adding to their freedom. On the new top floor you can relax, enjoy the sun and watch incredible sunsets. The basis for this is a roof rack – and you can learn how to turn it into a terrace where you can walk on in this guide. Have fun making it! 

Instructions roof terrace

Project: Camper bathroom cabinet

The space miracle for all your bathroom utensils

You dream of a bathroom cabinet in the camper van - but there is just not enough space? This was the problem Alina and Timo faced during the conversion of their camper. This lead them to come up with a practical solution for integrating a small bathroom corner into their van. They store all their care and hygiene products, mirrorsand much more safely and in a space-saving manner in their homemade pharmacy cabinet. How they built the bathroom cabinet, they will tell you in this guide. Have fun making it! 

Instructions for the bathroom cabinet

Project: Camper Kitchen

A well-equipped kitchen is essential to ensure that the culinary delights in your own camper are not neglected! The two Vanlife experts Timo and Alina have created a lightweight kitchen in their Mercedes Benz Vito, in which the gas cooker, cooler, sink and much more can be accommodated. And it also looks stylish! With their construction instructions, you can equip almost every van with a kitchen you built yourself and adapt it structurally to your needs and your vehicle. Have fun making it! 

Camper Kitchen Instructions

Recommendations from our experts

for camper conversion

Cordless Drill
A woman drills into wooden panels

Brushless motor – more power and longer running time

The Einhell cordless drill/driver TE‐CD 18/50 Li BL Solo is a robust all-rounder for all work involved in converting a camper van. With its convenient handling and a 2-speed gearbox, it delivers fast and precise results. With its brushless motor, the drill/driver offers more power and a longer running time than a conventional carbon brush motor. As a member of the Power X‐Change family, it is always ready for use, making the cordless drill/driver ideal for removing a camper van.

Cordless Rotating Sander

Maximum flexibility with high sanding performance

The Einhell cordless eccentric sander TE-RS 18 Li – Solo ensures maximum flexibility when converting your camper van. As a member of the Power X‐Change battery family, the high-quality battery can easily be used with all devices in the system. The eccentric sander can be easily adapted to the surfaces to be machined thanks to the speed electronics. In addition, the micro hook and loop fastening ensures firm hold and quick replacement of the sandpaper. So that the workplace remains clean and dust-free, a dust extraction system is integrated and the connection of an external dust extraction system is also possible. The softgrip ensures safe and pleasant work when converting your camper van.

Cordless Jigsaw
woman cuts a wooden slat with a jigsaw

Impressively smooth-running for precise cuts

The Einhell cordless jigsaw TC-JS 18 Li is always there when you need the perfect cut for all the materials for your camper conversion. Thanks to its wireless operation, it offers maximum flexibility when cutting the required materials. Wireless freedom with concentrated battery power: The batteries in the Einhell system family can be combined with all PXC devices, which considerably simplifies your camper van remodelling work. Thanks to its high running smoothness and the switchable pendulum stroke, the cordless jigsaw also ensures precise and fast cuts.

Cordless Angle Grinder

Powerful, cordless and convenient

The Einhell Axxio cordless angle grinder proves to be an ideal helper when remodelling a camper van. With its help, nothing stands in the way of powerful, wireless and comfortable working. The brushless motor offers more power and thus longer running time for all necessary sanding work during the remodelling work. As part of the Power X‐Change family, the battery can be used in all devices of the system series as well as in the angle grinder. The Axxio with Power X‐Change batteries from 2.5 Ah delivers optimal results.

Outdoor Action

powered by Einhell

Pressito Hybrid-Compressor

Multifunctional removable power pack.

The Einhell hybrid compressor PRESSITO is the ideal companion for camper van journeys, because it can be operated with a power cable as well as with a powerful 18 V system battery from the Power X Change range. It combines the functions of a high-pressure and a low-pressure pump and also offers the option of low-pressure suction. Thus, the multifunctional PRESSITO is not only the perfect travel companion in the event of a puncture, but can also be used to inflate air mattresses, bicycle tyres or even balls.

Cordless Light

Gradual illumination with 2,500 lumens.

The Einhell battery torch TE-CL 18/2500 LiAC – Solo shines light into the dark with 2,500 lumens. The battery torch is not only practical in poorly lit places such as the basement, the construction site, the attic or in dark corners of the workshop. With two brightness levels, it also offers full visibility in the camper van, especially at night. It is also the perfect companion for power outages, night-time strolls, sunset walks and other outdoor activities, when a power-independent light source is not to be dispensed with. All batteries in the Power X-Change family can be combined with the torch.

Jump-Start - Power Bank

Compact, handy starting aid and power station.

The Einhell CE‐JS 18/1 Jump‐Start – Power Bank is a compact, handy starting aid and energy station and is therefore the ideal companion in any vehicle and on the go. Numerous adapter cables can be used to recharge empty car batteries as well as to quickly and easily charge devices such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, etc. Another useful function is the integrated LED working light with continuous light, strobe flasher & SOS signal for various emergency situations. The high-performance lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 3 x 6,000 mAh ensures sufficient power. 

Other wireless helpers

For your outdoor & vanlife

Compact Cordless Light
bright lamp in the tent

Compact light source to be used on the go

The cordless torch TE‐CL 18 Li – Solo is not only a powerful helper for all work in the dark or in poorly lit workplaces. Thanks to its compact design and 3 high-performance LEDs for extra bright light, it is also the ideal companion when travelling and out in nature. Thanks to its particularly low power consumption, the torch ensures an extremely long operating time of up to 33 hours. The light head, which can be infinitely adjusted by 135°, as well as the scattering angle, which can be adjusted to concentrated light or scattered light, ensure optimum lighting. Thanks to the sturdy housing with carrying handle and softgrip, the lamp is easy to transport.

Cordless Speaker
wife and husband make a fire in front of the bus

Strong sound whenever and wherever you want

The Einhell cordless speaker TC‐SR 18 Li BT – Solo ensures good sound at all times, both in the camper van and in the evening around the campfire. In addition to the simple connection to all Bluetooth-enabled devices, the speaker also has an AUX input for connecting MP3 players or smartphones. Thanks to its USB connection, it can also be used as a charging station for smartphones, tablets or MP3 players. The intuitive control panel also makes it easy to use. As a member of the Power X-Change family, all high-quality lithium-ion batteries in the system range can be combined with the cordless speaker.

Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Expanded van stands in the middle of a beautiful landscape

Square, practical, handy.

The Einhell cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner TE-VC 18/10 Li-Solo is one of the must-haves for your next camping trip, because this member of the Power X-Change family removes all dust, dirt and even liquids from your camper. It can also be used on tiles, carpets or other floors. A blowing connection is used to blow out hard-to-reach areas and the ergonomic design and the carrying handle ensure easy transport and make it more user-friendly.  In addition, the multifunctional, multi-purpose vacuum can be easily combined with all Power-X-Change batteries in the system series.

Cordless Multifunctional Tool
small piece is cut from wooden board

Versatile helper

The Einhell cordless multifunctional tool Varrito is a flexible and high-quality helper for your camper van conversion. Thanks to the extensive equipment of the Power X‐Change device, work steps such as sawing, sanding or scraping can be carried out effortlessly. All batteries of the Power X‐Change family can be easily combined with the tool. The cordless multifunctional tool is high-quality and ergonomically designed, so that it greatly simplifies the work required in the van. The quick-release lock ensures tool-free accessory changes. Thanks to the magnetic tool holder, this can be carried out easily and quickly. The 12-pin tool holder also allows flexible positioning of accessories.

"Life is a beautiful ride."