60 years of Einhell

From a small craft business in Lower Bavaria to a global player.

Einhell Germany AG celebrates its 60th birthday in 2024. In its anniversary year, the company can look back on an impressive success story: from a small Lower Bavarian craft business to a leading global player in the market for battery-powered tools and garden equipment.
Since its founding in 1964, Einhell has evolved into an international group with over 2,700 employees worldwide. With nearly 50 subsidiaries, the group is already active in more than 100 countries.

The Einhell success story


Josef Thannhuber takes over the business of his uncle Hans Einhell, "Hans Einhell GmbH".


Start of internationalisation with further production sites in Europe and Asia. 


The medium-sized family business becomes the international joint stock company "Einhell AG".


Introduction of the successful Power X-Change platform. 2017 Einhell reaches the € 500 million sales mark.


The Einhell Welt is opened for the 55th anniversary


Einhell reaches a turnover of € 1 billion for the first time.


A big anniversary is coming up: Einhell celebrates 60 years of success!

Josef Thannhuber

Company founder

Starting with one employee, we turned over just DM 60,000 in the first year. When I think back on it today, it's simply unbelievable. There were times that were very challenging and yet we went ahead with courage. We were a global company without realising it, as this term was only coined much later. The dream, the passion and the unwavering belief in what we were doing made us what we are today. When I look at the company today, I am impressed by how everything has evolved and how we are now one of the leading suppliers of battery-powered devices.

Andreas Kroiss


„When I was on a business trip to Australia in 2009, the trend towards battery-powered devices was already clearly recognisable there. In Europe, with the exception of cordless screwdrivers, nobody was interested in cordless tools in the do-it-yourself sector because customers were not convinced by their performance and endurance. But I believed in the idea and developed it further with our team!“

Our philosophy Through reliable quality and first-class service at an unbeatable price-performance ratio, we enable freedom and enjoyment at work.

We are Einhell

The battery expertise

Einhell Germany AG is a medium-sized company with its headquarters in Landau an der Isar. For 60 years, the Einhell brand has stood for solutions for DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen, for home, garden and leisure. From A for Angle Grinder to Z for Zonal Robot Mowers, Einhell develops and sells innovative products in more than 100 countries and almost 50 subsidiaries.

Since Josef Thannhuber started out as a sole trader in 1964, the company has grown to become an employer of honour for more than 2,700 employees worldwide. But Einhell stands for much more: We are the ones who keep going when others have only just arrived. We are the ones who have simple solutions, quality and genuine service at the best price-performance ratio. We are the ones who inspire with functional products and innovations and create limitless possibilities for our customers' personal freedom.

The success story of a family business

When Hans Einhell asked his nephew Josef Thannhuber to take over the company in 1964, the young entrepreneur had no idea what a success story he would write. Today, 60 years later, Einhell Germany AG is one of the leading international suppliers in the do-it-yourself sector. Decades of hard work, tireless commitment and entrepreneurial foresight have paid off.


Einhell as an employer

As an employer, Einhell also remains true to the environment of a family business. Whether it is flexibility in the organisation of working hours in order to be able to combine family and career or special further training concepts for the individual development potential of each employee - also internationally. Whether it is appreciation in cooperation or in remuneration, security or pension schemes. We are the #TeamEinhell.

A big story told briefly

This is Einhell Romania Limited

Einhell Romania is a local subsidiary of the homonym German group, one of the world leaders in the power tool market. The over 45 years of international experience is the basis for the success of our company in Romania.

At the international level, the Einhell Group sells over 10 million electrical tools annually, which is a guarantee of the practical efficiency and innovative capacity of the company in the specific business segment. For 2017, the company registered an international turnover of 552 million euros and over 5.2 million euros at the local level.

We have an active presence on the Romanian market for more than 15 years, the products being found both in the cash & carry network, D.I.Y., online trade as well as in the distribution network and the traditional shops.

We are one of the most efficient domestic and international trade partners for hand and stationary powertools, garden machines, water technology, compressed air, cleaning, automotive products, and also for a wide range of accessories and consumables for powertools.

Performance and quality are well balanced and are offered at a price that satisfies any customer. Our products are grouped into two basic lines respectively EXPERT / EXPERT PLUS and HOME / CLASSIC. The EXPERT / EXPERT PLUS powertools range signifies our very high level of know-how in product design and performance including patented and proprietary technologies. In this product line is included the entire range of POWER-X-CHANGE articles which is an innovative machine system that can use the same 18 volt battery regardless of the machine that is used and regardless of the application (in the house, garden or car workshop) . For machines requiring high power (eg garden machines), thanks to TwinPack technology, 2 batteries can be mounted, making a 36-volt power supply for the increased engine's power. The range of HOME / CLASSIC machines is the line for home use customers and is characterized by their utility but also by quality at carefully calculated prices.

The service is provided under warranty and post-warranty in both Bucharest and agreed locations in Romania.

Einhell Romania Timeline:

  • We have an active presence on the Romanian market for more than 15 years
  • The Einhell Group sells over 10 million electrical tools annually
  • The over 45 years of international experience is the basis for the success of our company in Romania