Pump Accessory
Suction hose 7 m, Plastic
Item no.:4173645EAN: 4006825549102
Pump Accessory

Suction hose 7 m, Plastic

Item no.: 4173645 EAN: 4006825549102
  • Original Einhell suction hose accessory for pumps
  • Suitable for Einhell garden pumps, domestic water systems and automatic pumps
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Hose diameter: 25 mm
  • Hose length: 7 m
  • Hose connection: 42 mm (1/8 inch) internal thread
  • Incl. adapter with 33.3 mm (1 inch) internal thread
  • Incl. double nipple with 33.3 mm (1 inch) external thread
  • Incl. plastic suction strainer with non-return valve
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Article description

A semi-rigid suction hose for use with domestic water supplies: The Original Einhell suction hose is a semi-rigid hose with a diameter of 25 mm (1 inch) and a length of 7 m. Thanks to a 42 mm (1 ¼ inch) internally threaded connection, an included adapter with 33.3 mm (1 inch) internal thread and a plastic threaded nipple with 33.3 mm (1 inch) external thread, the Einhell suction hose is suitable for garden pumps as well as domestic water systems and automatic water pumps. The hose is made of hard plastic and is ideal for use with domestic water. In addition to the adapter piece and the plastic threaded nipple, the suction hose set also includes a plastic suction strainer with an integrated non-return valve. While the suction strainer prevents the intake of dirt particles, the non-return valve ensures that the water level in the suction hose does not drop.

Technical details

Hose diameter25 mm
Hose length700 cm
Hose materialHard plastic
Material thread hose connectionPlastic
Type adapter piece33,3mm (R1 IG)
Type double nipple33,3mm (R1 AG)
Type of hose connection42 mm (R1 1/4 IG)
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